Privacy Policy

We value your privacy, acknowledge that your data is your data, and strive to collect the minimum that we need to provide you with our service:

1. Personal Information

When you install Geppetto in your chat platform, we collect the unique user ID of the admin user. We do not collect real user name or email address of any users. When you subscribe to our service, we collect your email and billing address. This is information we legitimately need in order to bill you for our services. We do not collect your credit card numbers - this is handled securely by our payment provider, Stripe.

2. Data we collect

When you interact with Geppetto chat bot, we collect the information you give it in messages and threads. We only collect the information in threads where Geppetto is explicitly mentioned, tagger or receives a direct message. We do not store this information locally after the answer has been generated and sent back to you.

3. Data we share with 3rd parties

In order to generate AI answers, we share the messages you send Geppetto with third parties. Please refer toOpenAI API data usage policies. We do not opt in to any additional data sharing or retention that may be encouraged but not required by OpenAI.

4. Contact

For all your data protection and privacy policy questions, please contact our Data Protection Officer: Senko Rasic,